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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Basic Couponing Tips....

I just wanted to post on basic couponing tips. Since, there are some people just starting to coupon!

Collecting Coupons: You can find coupons from Inserts from the Sunday Newspaper, ask friends and family for their coupons, print internet coupons from coupons.com or redplum, go to store websites and see if they have coupons to print, write or email companies, join a coupon train, and trade coupons locally or on the internet! There are also coupon clipping services that charge a small fee for their time. I like couponbeat or coupondede.

Make sure you learn all the stores (that you are planning on shopping at) coupon policies! Not all stores have the same policies. Locate the stores coupon policy and print it out. It is always nice to have a coupon policy while shopping in case there is an issue.

If you are unclear about a coupon's wording, then ask! I have asked before to clarify...

Do not argue! I have made it a point not to argue with any employee at any of the stores I shop at. I simply, say okay and ask for the manager. If you still cannot resolve the problem....then just purchase what you can and let them keep the rest. Either go to a different store or go back at a time that you know a different (easy going) employee will be there!

Rainchecks - Make sure you ask for a raincheck if they are out of product OR ask when there next truck will be in. Sometimes they do know what will be on that truck!

Do not be greeedy! Do not clear the shelf at one store. I know you may have 20 coupons for the item you want. But, if they only have 20 or less left....try to get few at that store and go to another store to get the rest. Remember, you don't have to have EVERY deal!! There will always be a deal!

Try to sign up for freebies on the internet! Some of those freebies will have coupons with them! The freebies are great to use or donate!

If you have anything to add...please do so! We love to hear tips....


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