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Thursday, May 19, 2011

So, you want to coupon?

Where to start.....

1.  Start Collecting coupons - from inserts, magazines, internet, write and ask companies, ask friends & family to save them for you, mailbox, blinkies at the store.

2.  Know your stores coupon policies! You don't want to go to the front of the store with a buggy full of products and learn that you can't use internet coupons at that store.

3.  Check out company websites, to view their upcoming sales. 

4.  Sign up for samples or freebies. Most companies send coupons in the mail with the sample, and will e-mail you about special offers! 

5.  Create another email account just for signing up for samples & freebies...so you don't overload your regular email account.

6.  Have fun, Don't Stress and Remember you don't have to get every deal out there!

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