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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Need a meal planner?

Cooking can be a challenge for everyone to keep up with. You run out of idea's, forget to take something out to cook, and sometimes just don't feel like cooking. There are lot's of way's to make sure that your family has a home cooked meal every night! Here are just a few of the thing's you can do to ensure that happens:

1) Cook your meals for the week all in one day and either freeze them or keep them in the refrigerator.

2) When you have left overs, don't throw them out! Freeze them! On those nights when you don't want to cook you can take that frozen meal out, heat it and serve it!

3) Make a meal plan, which can be done weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly! You are in total control if what is going to be served, and you know what to expect.

4) Make yourself a checklist. Get yourself a dry erase board and write down what to take out for supper, so there are no forgotten meals. This way when you wake up you can see what need's to be done, without searching for your list.

5)Have a left over night! Give your family the option to have any meal that's still in the refrigerator (and still good), so they can have choices.

There are several different sites you can use to plan out your meal's and get great recipes to make those meals. You can do that or just make up your own!! Be creative with it, but be realistic. If your working full time, you aren't going to have time to make a meal that takes 2 hours......unless you've pre-cooked it!! Please feel free to post good recipes for everyone to enjoy!


  1. I don't mean to be rude or anything but it is very hard to read your postings. The background design is blending in with the writing. Could you put a solid color behind it?? I don't want to miss anything you guy's do a great job and are so helpful. Thanks
    Amie S,

  2. Hi Amie,
    thank you for the feedback, I have made a few changes in the design and hopefully this is easier on the eyes. Please let me know what you think now!!



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